Prepaid Billing

Prepaid Electric Billing works similar to a prepaid cell phone. Members choose the dollar amount they wish to have applied to their meter. Members can use our SmartHub app to check the balance of their account. When the balance begins to run low, email reminders will be sent.

Payments can be made in our offices, on our website, using the SmartHub at a payment kiosk or over the phone. If a member has a past due balance they are struggling to pay, the member can switch to Prepaid Electric Billing to pay the past due amount over time. Each time the member makes a payment on their account, half of the payment will be applied to the past due amount and half will be applied to their balance for future electricity. If the member has a security deposit, this can be applied toward the past due amount also. Because members are able to see their daily usage, they are able to be more energy efficient. Whether that means adjusting the thermostat while gone for the day or unplugging electrical devices while not in use, members are able to affect their electricity consumption and see the difference daily.

Think you might be interested? Want more details? Click Here to complete and submit the Prepaid Electric Billing Agreement. If you have questions or would like to sign up for Prepaid Electric Billing, please call our office. 660-679-3131