Global  Mapping Solutions Working in OVEC Service Territory

Osage Valley Electric will have contractors from Global Mapping Solutions (GMS), in our service area in the up-coming months.  The contractors will be inventorying our infrastructure as well as collecting global positioning system points of all our equipment.  They will be given Osage Valley Electric Contractor stickers for their vehicles, as well as have their own logo, GMS – Global Mapping Solutions on their vehicles.

To accurately record data GMS will be utilizing ATV/UTV’s as well as accessing our Right-of-Way by foot when necessary.  If you have locked entrances or gates that would prohibit crews from accessing our Right-of-Way that require keys/passwords we would appreciate your cooperation by notifying the Butler office so that our contractors can effectively and efficiently collect the data.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our Butler office at (660) 679-3131, Option 4