Unclaimed Capital Credits

As a member of Osage Valley Electric Cooperative, you have certain benefits that you will not find in other types of utility companies.  One of those benefits is "Capital Credits" also known as patronage capital refunds.  As a member/owner, through your patronage you furnish capital(money) for the cooperative to operate.  All of the capital received in excess of operating costs and expenses is allocated to you in the form of capital credits and refunded back to you over a period of time.  Capital credits are retired upon the approval of the Board of Directors depending on the financial condition of the cooperative.  If you ever move away from our system, contact us with your current address so future captial credit checks can be mailed to the correct address.  

On August 1, 2012, we issued capital credits to all members and former members who were connected during 1985, 1986 and 2011.  The following is a list of members or former members whose checks were returned to us by the post office because of incorrect addresses, or whose checks have not been cashed.

Click here to view the Unclaimed Capital Credit List.

  • If your name is on this list, please complete and submit the Unclaimed Capital Credit form below.
  • If a deceased person is listed here, capital credits will be issued to the direct heirs or to the person who inherited the member's estate.  Direct heirs are spouses who were not listed on the account or sons and daughters.  Please call us at 660.679.3131 for more information on how to claim the refund.
  • If you know anyone on this list who has moved away from our lines, please let them know to contact us.

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