Residential Rebates

Electric Tank Water Heater Rebate - $50.00



  • Must have an EF (Energy Factor) of .90 or higher
  • Must be new installation or replacement or an electric or gas tank water heater.
  • Tankless water heaters do not qualify.
  • Submit rebate form along with a copy of sales receipt within 90 days of purchase.

Dual Fuel or Mini-Split Heat Pump Rebate $150 per ton



  • Must have a minimum SEER of 16.5
  • Must use a propane or natural gas system for supplemental heat.  OVEC recommends that a temperature setting of 25° or the manufacturer/installer recommendation be used as the cut-in point for the supplemental heat to activate for dual fuel heat pump.  The heat pump must be Energy Star rated.
  • Submit rebate form along with copy of invoice within 90 days of purchase.

Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate $750 per ton - New Installation (or $150.00 per ton for replacement of existing ground source unit)



  • Must have an EER of 19.1
  • Must provide a Manual J Load Calculation (not required for replacement rebate)
  • Submit rebate form along with invoice and load calculation within 90 days of purchase.

Electric backup heat will be allowed for ground source heat pump units. The following specs will be used for the sizing of the ground source heat pump: Ground source heat pumps must be installed with a Delta T of 70. A Manual J calculation will be used to support the Delta T. Please ask your HVAC contractor to verify that these requirements are met. The electric backup heat must be separated from the ground source unit with a separate breaker and must be wired to only act as second stage supplemental heat on a two stage thermostat or as emergency heat. The coop should also determine if a minimum of R-38 insulation is present in the ceiling and a minimum of R-13 is present in the walls.

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